7 Health Benefits of Eating Black Plum

There are many healthy foods that nature has provided us. We eat fruits and vegetables and become strong. Not only fruits or veggies, but nature has given us many different herbs and spices that help us maintain the functioning of our body.

One of such miracle ingredients is Jamun. Native to India, Jamun is a pretty fruit with rich color and sweet taste. The fruit is popular for its deep blue or purple color. Also known as black plum or Java plum, Jamun has now spread to other tropical regions across the world. It is a fruit of the flowering tree called Syzygium cumini and it fruits during May and June. Jamun has several medicinal and health benefits. Consumption of this juicy, purple fruit can provide relief from many health problems and diseases. It is one of the best home remedies for stomach pain, high sugar levels and joints pain. The fruit also cures digestive issues like dysentery and flatulence. It’s incredibly healthy. This humble fruit is loaded with nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, minerals, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, glucose, fructose and fibre, which collectively work towards our overall health and wellbeing.

Popular for its sweet and slightly sour flavour, and that soft & fleshy consistency, Jamun are a pure delight for everyone, especially considering the fact that they’re a rich source of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, manganese, potassium, phosphorous and calcium. Such active and demanding lifestyles demand choices that are not just healthy but convenient too. Jamun Juice is an easy yet healthy option to consume in order to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Some prominent benefits of Jamun are: –

Control High Blood Sugar Levels: –

Jamun has nutritious elements that work on reducing high blood sugar levels. They are very effective for patients with high sugar levels. It helps to lower down the sugar level by converting the starch and sugar into energy. The Madhumeh patients should consume Jamun through which it helps to lower down the sugar level. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of high blood sugar levels like frequent urine, thirsty feeling, nausea, weakness.

Manages kidney problems: –

Jamun is beneficial for managing the kidney problems. It helps to remove the kidney stones by flushing them off from our body. It provides relief in the pain caused due to stones in the kidney. Jamun reduces the pain or burn during pass out of urine and also removes the foul smell at the time of urine.

Control the urinary tract infection: –

Urinary Tract Infection is generally caused by the bacteria in bladder, kidney, urethra, ureter and the urinary tract. Jamun contains several vitamins, nutrients which help to prevent the bacteria. It provides energy to fight the bacteria and stop the formation of bacteria. It reduces the symptoms of urinary tract infection like abdominal pain, muscle pain, vomiting, nausea, excess urine, pain at the time of urine.

Increase hemoglobin:-

Jamun has a great potential because of its natural ingredients as it helps in increasing the hemoglobin. It contains iron, Vitamin C which helps to increase the blood count in the body. It is very beneficial for the women’s to consume Jamun daily, if possible as they face the blood loss problem. It shows its effects on the person who are suffering from the anemia and jaundice as they lack the iron content and Jamun will be beneficial for them to increase the iron and blood in their body.

Good for skin:-

Jamun has an astringent property that helps to get rid of many skin problems. Consuming Jamun regularly helps to get rid of pimples and acne. The vitamin C, iron, and other nutrients present in Jamun provide clear and glowing skin by reducing the dark spots and patches on the skin. It helps to provide the proper nutrition to our body which helps to clear our skin internally.

Improves eye vision: –

Jamun is very effective for our eyes. The vitamins, iron, nutrients in vinegar helps to improve the eye vision. It reduces the problems related to eyes like itching, redness. It also prevents cataract. The vitamin A, C and other minerals are very beneficial for eyes as well. Although Jamun seeds are good for overall health and wellbeing.

Improves digestive system: –

Jamun is very effective in improving the functioning of the digestive system. The vitamins, minerals present in Jamun helps to reduce the digestive disorders. It has antibacterial, antimicrobial property that helps to kill the bad bacteria which are not for our body and ensures the effective functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, Jamun improves the power of digestion.

Helps manage Piles problem: –

Jamun helps in managing the piles problem by increasing the bowel movements. As Jamun plays a vital role in digestion thus, in other way it helps the undigested food to digest the food properly and absorb the proper nutrients from the food and remove the waste material from the body. It has a laxative effect which helps in moving the waste easily through the intestine to the anus. It also provides relief in the pain due to piles.

Provides strong teeth:-

Jamun has an antibacterial property that removes the bacteria from the teeth. By rubbing the Jamun to the teeth helps in strengthening the teeth and gums. The bad breath can also be removed through Jamun. It also prevents bacteria to attack the teeth and gums.

Build stamina: –

Jamun are very healthy when it comes bone strength and stamina. Due to lack of nutrients in the body, we feel weak and unable to do work. Jamun is the best healthy fruit which provides nutrients, vitamins, iron and minerals to the body. It increases the energy level and stamina by providing proper nutrients. It removes weakness, increases the memory power and treats anemia.

Improves constipation:-

Jamun contains anti-scorbutic, carminative property which helps to relieve the stomach problems. It helps to digest the food properly by taking nutrients from the food and flushing out the waste products from the stomach. It improves the intestine muscles and treats the constipation problem.

Helps in Gastric Issues:-

The availability of oxalic acid, folic acid, malic acid, Gallic acid makes Jamun antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial. The acids present in Jamun helps to reduce the gas and acid formed in the stomach. Jamun has a cooling effect which helps to cool down the pain and prevent gastric disorders.

Jamun has several benefits, out of which few are being discussed above. It is beneficial for good health. It contains a large amount of iron, minerals, and vitamins, nutrients that keep us fit and healthy. It also used as a blood purifier and increase the blood as iron is the main content that helps in increasing the hemoglobin in the body.

How does Jamun help with High Blood Sugar Levels?

Black Jamun has excellent curative properties in a variety of conditions. However, the most important question- is Jamun good for high blood sugar levels? Black Jamun benefits in Madhumeh are numerous. They show the presence of polyphenolic compounds. These show effectiveness against cancer, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, stomach disorders, and definitely high blood sugar levels. Jamun contains dietary fiber, fats, proteins, various vitamins and minerals. Its seeds are loaded with substances called jamboline and jambosine that slow down the rate of sugar released into the blood and also increase the insulin levels in the body.

It converts starch into energy thereby keeping the blood sugar levels in check. It has a low Glycemic Index and is very beneficial for sugar patients. It also relieves the symptoms of frequent urination. Along with the flesh of the fruit, the powdered seeds bark, and leaves are useful in the managing of urine sugar. The fruit and its seeds have a low glycemic index.

It has a jamboline which controls the conversion of starch into sugar. That is the reason why it is considered as one of the best ayurvedic medicine to manage high blood sugar levels. Generally, patients with high blood sugar levels can eat one teaspoon of powdered Jamun seeds. Black Jamun for Madhumeh is the best fruit to eat. Its seeds are also popular in ayurvedic herbs to control high blood sugar levels. Jamun and its seeds both are beneficial in high blood sugar levels.

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